Mentoring A New Generation Of Software Developers: Interview with Dragos Nedelcu

Finally, it
preserves their agency and sense of control. A story is a teaching tool –
“this worked for me” – but you leave the decisions up to them. Once you are part of an open-source project, you will start interacting with the other contributors and maintainers. Eventually, this will help you identify potential mentors. Getting involved with an open-source project can also help in the search for a potential mentor.

What is mentoring and example?

Mentoring is a great way to help employees develop their skills. An example of one-to-one mentoring for skill development is a leader within the HR department working alongside their mentee to help them acquire the skills they need to progress within their HR career.

The mentor and the mentee walk together on a path they both agreed on. What companies can do as a first step is to make these informal relationships official and to enable them in a proactive way. To track results, to create awareness of such initiatives across the company and to incorporate them to their processes. I am certain most professionals want to see this happening. Being close to a person navigating the learning curves of such a complex world is a unique experience. You soon realize that for your mentees, you are more than a mentor.

Leadership development in team members

But with the right amount of support and training, organizations can get junior developers to contribute higher quality code. Mentorship programs pair seasoned professionals with employees who are looking to further their careers. These programs offer a number of benefits for both the mentors and the mentees. First, remember that mentoring is about helping someone else grow and develop, not showing off your own skills. Be humble and open-minded, and focus on the other person’s needs. Ask questions about what they’re working on, what they’d like to work on and technologies or practices that they’re excited about.

Before you start, identify the project that interests you and get started contributing. Ideally, you’ll look for a mentor at your current company, as they’ll already know you and have access to your work. They will also be able to provide guidance when needed. Although they may be in the same field, their experiences and perspectives are different.

Software Engineer Performance Review Example

Ask questions, offer alternatives, and hold back telling people what to do. Taking a patient, coaching-first approach empowers more junior developers and accelerates their learning. The mentoring I’ve observed to be rare for developers is a more “formal” type of mentorship. A setup where a more experienced mentor agrees to mentor a more junior engineer, they kick things off and have a regular cadence of meeting and the mentor helping the mentee grow. Reflecting on my previous experience, before joining Uber, I do recall many situations where I was mentored or was a mentor. When I was a junior developer, I paired with a senior engineer for a few months, learning lots from him.

  • When it comes to helping your software developers grow and develop, most mentors are forced to rely on personal experience, intuition, and second-hand knowledge.
  • A software engineer myself, I often get asked how people can get started with mentoring.
  • The tone of your entire mentorship relies on knowing this so you know how to talk to them and give advice.
  • After decades of experience I’ve seen mentorship come in many forms, and I would never put some kind of litmus test on who is qualified to be a mentor.
  • Best mentors can aid the mentee along in their professional development by providing encouragement and advice.
  • I often talk to people about who my mentors and mentees are.
  • Data analysts show where the greatest revenue lies and can give suggestions as to what channels should be invested in and why.

Do you enjoy collaboration and combining various elements? This cross-functional area brings together engineers, designers, and stakeholders, who then collaborate on launching world-class products. Product managers ensure everyone is on the same page, and serve as a liaison between different teams. By learning from others, those with numerous experiences and connections. Whether you are starting a new job or have years of experience in tech, read about how a mentor can help you boost your IT career. When someone comes to me, they’re usually asking bigger questions not tied to
our day-to-day work.

The Non-Definitive Guide To Mentoring Software Engineers

At CodePath, we believe that even in a fast-paced, cutthroat digital world, we can give each other a leg up – and that if you want to be the best, you have to learn from the best. That’s why technical mentorships are a core part of the CodePath student experience. As a CodePath student, you’ll be matched 8 Ways to Turn Your Closet into an Office with a mentor chosen specifically for you, based on your career interests, to help guide and support you on the road ahead. If your company has a formal mentoring program, you could sign up. That doesn’t have to be a
formal declaration “hey, if anyone wants to work with me as a mentor, let me